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Religious Work of Art Co

About Us

Welcome to our Byzantine iconography shop! At the heart of our craft is a shared passion for creating sacred artwork that captures the essence of faith and tradition. While my husband leads our artistic endeavors with his exceptional talent and expertise as an iconographer, I am his dedicated partner, collaborating closely to bring each piece to life. Together, we infuse every icon with reverence, skillfully blending ancient techniques with our own unique artistic vision. Each creation is a testament to our devotion to this timeless art form, inviting you to experience its beauty and spirituality in your own home.
Every religious icon painting is, from the beginning to the end, a small, humble and silent prayer to our Lord, the Christ of Love, the Christ of Mercy, of Compassion and Justice.

We truly hope to make a minimal offer in our way, using the talent which God’s grace has assigned to us for His service.